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Adv. Suresh Dhole and Associates is a law firm with a focus directed toward Commercial Transactions and Insolvency. We expertise are in the field of Micro, Small And Meduim Enterprises Development Act, 2006 (MSMED, Act 2006).

What We Do

Micro and small entrepreneurs are sailing their enterprises through the ocean of multi-dimensional difficulties and troubles. Small scale enterprise has to face challenges on many fronts out of which some are constant changing technology, foreign goods aggression, high investment in capital goods, unaffordable working capital, rising expectation of labors and staff, difficulties with financial institutions and high cost of finance, procedural rules governing the enterprise and licenses, struggle in transportation of material, cost of insurance, time required in distribution of the products to the targeted consumers. All these challenges could be met out if the sell processes are realized timely from the buyers. Otherwise it becomes difficult to ensure the daily survival of an establishment.

It simply means that all the advertise are at one hand and payment to be received from the buyer well in time is at other hand. Receiving payments timely is the Sole of the Small Scale Establishment. But, it is found that buyers are badly exploiting the micro and small entrepreneurs MSME. They use to retain money of the suppliers and get constant flow of capital at others cost. This practice is to be put through an end courageously by the supplier.

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises development Act. 2006 is legislated to protect the massive employment and overall economy of the nation since micro and small enterprises give self-employment and works to the hands of people around. This legislation fastens liability upon the buyers to pay to the micro and small enterprises bill amount against the supplies within specific period of 45days. The delay in payment to be penalized with 3 times of prime interest rate notified by Reserve Bank Of India.

But the lobby of the buyers became actively resistant as their methodology to trade upon at the cost of micro, small enterprises has become difficult to large extents. The Apex court of Land made observation that to deprive the legal rights or benefit of oppressed, the legal system is misused and abused by the people having means.

To strengthen the movement of survival and growth of micro and small enterprises, Adv. Suresh Dhole and Associates have taken up the mission to extend specialized legal services to micro and small enterprises in India. These services include the preparation and contesting of reference petitions before micro and small enterprises facilitation council, execution of award for recovery of money, contesting applications/ appeal before appropriate/ competent courts and writ petitions before high courts, special leave petitions before the Supreme Court of India.

Our team is contesting the Companies matters before NATIONAL COMPANY LAW TRIBUNAL (NCLT). 

We are committed to Consumers Protection and we take matters before States Consumer Forum and National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC).

We take the cases to be contested before National Green Tribunal (NGT), New Delhi.

What is MSMED Act. 2006 Specialized Legal Services?

Adv. Suresh Dhole and associates is the integrated team of legal experts dedicated to the cause of most vibrant section of economy i.e. micro and small enterprises which is employing 50% of working population in India. We submit to appropriate authorities the suggestions/ or the request from time to time to improve functioning and procedure of micro and small enterprises facilitation in various states.


Adv. Suresh Dhole and Associates have contested the claim against the so called almost all large industrial houses and public undertakings in India. The success rate of this dedicated legal service is 99%.



The law firm "Adv. Suresh Dhole and Associates" is fighting the war against delayed payment or no payment by buyers to the suppliers, since 1993. The team secures justice to the clients for recovery, micro, small and medium enterprises development Act. 2006. The firm secured the outstanding amount of our micro, small enterprises clients in Maharashtra, MP, Chattisgarh, Delhi, Karnataka and Andra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and other states in India.



Micro and Small Enterprises which are facing the problems of delayed or refusal of payments on this or that ground against the material supplied, The specialized legal services of Adv. Suresh Dhole and Associates are always available to such aggrieved enterprises. They may approach Adv. Pushpa Shinde to get co-ordinated with the law firm "Adv. Suresh Dhole and Associates" to avail the integrated professional services.